We tried to answer the first conceivable questions. If you have any more different questions, please feel free to contact.

  • When Does Slimr Become Active

    We are working to make sure that this happens as soon as possible. However, in order not to bring out a bad design and software, we are very meticulous and think about it a lot. We do not want to put forward something that is full of mistakes or does not give the desired.
    In this regard, it is unlikely for the moment to give a date. Currently 2021, as of December; several years may be in question. As we get closer, we will be sharing it with you.
  • What is AI?

    In the crudest terms, the behavior that is unique to human intelligence is to bring it to machines with various techniques. It is the system responsible for making inferences, detecting, learning, and dozens of human characteristics by computers, software, and machines.
  • SlimrAI What is it?

    SlimrAI is a content browser and server that can make valuable use of your time and save you time. Unfortunately, for now, we can only convey so many details about this. In the future, we will be sharing a lot more.
    The best thing we can say is that the artificial intelligence in question is not trained with large data sets or any data sets.
    In this way, it is not even possible to anonymize personal data.
  • Slimr an AI?

    Partially yes.
    We can call it a collection of nested systems.
    Artificial intelligences, guided by improved algorithms, can make decisions quickly at any time. Thanks to this, you don't waste your time and get the content you are looking for.
    Many years of time have been spent on these algorithms, they have been thought out, designed and are still being developed.
  • Is Personal Data Used?

    Your personal data is not used.
  • Is it safe?

    As you can see from the form you filled out when registering (later), Slimr is not interested in personal information. Data such as region and age are encrypted using a unique key assigned to the person during the user's session (the unique key is renewed each time) and used throughout the session.